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1. What is REX GBE Services?

Rex Global Business Education Services is a leading Overseas Education Consultant as well as a renowned Edutech company offering a range of Services. Rex Global Business Education Services is led by Mr. Rexy Ravindran, who has over 35 years of experience in the business world and has helped young professionals turn their innovative business ideas in to reality. We help students pursue their dreams of Study Abroad in various countries like USA/UK/Germany/South Korea/Australia/New Zealand to name a few. To achieve this objective, Rex Global Business Education Services in Mumbai has collaborated with La Sierra University (California, USA), Lincoln University (ChristChurch, New Zealand) and Western Sydney Technology College (Sydney, Australia). We also offer other services like Soft Skills & Corporate Coaching, Foreign Languages, Project Management Training alongwith Career Development and Counseling Cell for startup entrepreneurs and individuals. 

2. What Services does REX GBE offer?

REX GBE Services is a complete solution provider for students as well as job seeking professionals!
Our services include:
  1. Counseling for Overseas Education 
  2. Online Coaching Programs
  3. Rex Career Excellence Club
  4. Career Counselling Programs
  5. Conferences & Events for Networking
We have panel of certified and experienced trainers and mentors associated with us who handhold and guide you for all the aspects. Our team is diversified across different sectors and comes with huge amount of professional experience in their respective domains.

3. What is REX Career Excellence Club?

REX Career Excellence Club provides its services to all industries and across all countries. It is a unique consortium of organisations, students and industry professionals. It offers various programs both online and offline to its members for their upskilling and networking.
Member Benefits: 
1) Career Counselling from Industry Experts (Mentors) 2) Course Selection and University Selection
3) Admission Guidance and University recommendations 4) Coaching Guidance and Assistance for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT Exams Training 5) Assistance in Documents Preparation 6) Visa Guidance 7) Scholarship and Bank Loans Assistance  8) Guidelines for accommodation arrangements 9) Internship/Jobs and Startups Support/Assistance 10) Online Courses


4. What is the tie-up between La Sierra University and REX GBE Services?

Rex Global Business Education Services has collaborated with La Sierra University situated in the business-friendly Southern California USA, to design and develop this unique business focused Global Entrepreneurship Innovation and Technology program.

The MBA in Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology is uniquely positioned to benefit from being in the heart of business activity of California, the fifth largest economy in the world, and to take advantage of the school’s maker-lab, which features rapid prototyping with military-grade 3D printers and CAD technology, a finance lab featuring near real-time data, and a diverse and globally-connected faculty keen on using business skills to make the world better.
To know more about this program visit

5. Which countries does REX GBE Services provide for Overseas Education?

REX GBE Services believes that a student should keep their options open for all the countries & they should select the University that offers them the best fit - in terms of their Course & their Expectations.
We provide Universities from almost all the major Educational Hubs - 
  1. USA/Canada
  2. UK/Ireland
  3. Australia/ New Zealand
  4. South Korea/Dubai/Singapore
  5. Germany/France & Other European Countries

6. Why should I study abroad?

Study Abroad is a life changing experience. It offers and opens up newer avenues for you on the academic road as well as your life. 
By Studying Abroad:
  1. You experience a new culture amongst different nationalities
  2. You learn in the best and most advanced learning environment
  3. You get to explore newer places
  4. You get recognized International Education degree
  5. You open yourself to Global Work Opportunities
  6. You make lifelong friends
  7. You develop overall as an individual


7. How do I get started for study abroad?

Once you decide on studying abroad, the next step is to decide where to study, which program and which University.
There are lot of factors involved in the study abroad process- Training for the exams, preparing the right documentations, shortlisting your desired course of study and University, sending applications to the Universities, getting the finances ready and securing the VISA.
Each stage has its own timeline hence it is very important to adhere to all these timelines so that you dont miss out on your admissions. Researching on courses and Universities is a very crucial aspect in your entire study abroad planning.

8. How do you decide which University/Country to study abroad in?

A University/Country selection depends on numerous factors like:
  • Course/Stream alignment
  • On Campus Placements
  • Tution Fee and Expenses
  • International Students Ratio
  • Internships and Jobs
  • Location/Climate, Etc

9. When should I start planning?

The Earlier you start planning, the better!
Study Abroad process involves various steps which have their own timelines and deadlines. So it is imperative you understand these critical points and have ample of time with you for your preparation.

10. I want to study abroad, but my English proficiency is not good enough yet. What can I do?

You can improve your proficiency by availing our English Training courses which help you gain effective command on your English Skills. Reach out to us to know more on developing your English.

11. How will REX GBE Services help me for my Study Abroad preparation?

REX GBE Services offers complete Study Abroad Preparation Services from Exams Coaching, Admissions Assistance, Universities Shortlisting & Applications, Visa Guidance. Our experienced counselors ensure to bring to you the right University aligned to your budgets and expectations.
Get in touch with us to know more about how we can assist you in your Study Abroad plans.

12. Can REX GBE Services offer training for our Institute students?

Yes, REX GBE Services offers tie-up services with Institutions to offer trainings at reasonable costs. We have done many successful training programs before.
To know more on our services and how we can assist you, kindly get in touch.

13. Are all the REX GBE Services courses certified?

Yes, all our courses are certified and you get a course completion certification.